In recent years, the world is moving more and more towards breaking down geographical barriers. That's why it's important to break down language barriers too!

You may need a course to:
1. Improve your CV and/or practice for a job interview;
2. Pick up the language you studied at school years ago to travel;
3. Move abroad to study or work;
4. Prepare for international exams (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.);
5. Out of pure personal interest.

Whatever your reason, trust Caledonian to get the most out of your learning experience!

Your course will be completely personalized and you will be taught by a native speaker, so you can be sure of 100% satisfaction!


Traditional Courses – individuals and groups

Taught only by native speakers, our courses are aimed at anyone who wants to learn a new language and get involved!

Topic Based English Conversation Course

Not just an aimless chat, but with a real training path individually designed according to the clients’ interests. The participants receive a specially prepared topic each week which will be the topic of the discussion for the following lesson, thus keeping in line with our high didactic standards.


Caledonian Converse Online is our new Blended method which overcomes all barriers to language learning through the use of avant-garde technology. Caledonian Converse Online’s individually created learning paths unite the flexibility and independence of e-learning with the human touch of your own personal expert trainer.

Caledonian Converse Online

Not your normal e-learning
but a face to face English course
the only difference is that it’s in remote!