For 30 years we have been helping Companies communicate effectively with each other, breaking down language and space barriers with cutting-edge technology and our expertise in language training, translation and interpreting.

Our story begins with our founder, Maria McCarthy, moving from Scotland to Italy.
Her intense experience in teaching and interpreting in Companies led her to create Caledonian in February 1991.
The choice of the name is not accidental: Caledonian means Scottish in Latin and the chosen logo is the thistle, the national emblem of Scotland.

Our experience has seen us through many years of change with a spirit of innovation.This has allowed us to be among the first to use an e-learning platform that facilitates us with our customers.

But our strength lies in the quality of our team and in the relationship of trust we have created over time with our clients.


Experience and Innovation

Our experience guides us to look to the future and offer our clients the highest quality, tailor-made language services.


We base our work on our clients and their needs, so that we can build each of our projects around them, as if it were a tailor-made suit.

and Esteem

Our strength is a team of professionals with whom we have established a relationship of trust and mutual respect: our "work family"!


Our team of language specialists are exclusively native-speaking trainers, translators and professional interpreters with years of experience in the industry.We like to nurture our talents and build great personal relationships.