We take care of international guests at any event, meeting or conference with our interpreting services.

Being able to understand and communicate is crucial, especially in business.

That's why our interpreters are trusted industry professionals who provide simultaneous, negotiation and chuchotage services both in person and remotely.

Our main languages are European:
Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese, but we also cater for interpreting requests from and into non-European languages.

If necessary, we also provide all the necessary audio equipment; interpreting booths, earphones etc.



This type of interpreting is especially useful for business meetings and gatherings, visits to factories or plants, and negotiations. But also for those who have just arrived in Italy and need someone to interpret during a meeting at the doctor's office.

Simultaneous Interpreting

We offer this service for international conferences and other events where instantaneous translation via headset is required.
Upon request we also provide booths, headsets and the support of an audio technician.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is used for conferences, business meetings and official meetings. It is not an immediate translation: the interpreter takes notes while the speaker is speaking and summarizes it to the audience every 5-10 minutes.

Whispered or chuchotage

As the word suggests, whispered interpreting consists of immediate, whispered translation to up to two delegates - with or without a headset, which is available upon request.


To meet the needs of the moment, we have developed online and telephone interpreting services.
We can provide interpreters for any kind of online event! Our interpreters are certified and able to use the most common online interpreting platforms such as Ablioconference.