Caledonian Converse Online not your normal e-learning but a face to face English course - the only difference is that it’s in remote!
Caledonian Converse Online is our new Blended method which overcomes all barriers to language learning through the use of avant-garde technology.

Caledonian Converse Online’s individually created learning paths unite the flexibility and independence of e-learning with the human touch of your own personal expert trainer.

Each participant has unlimited access to their profile on the e-learning platform where they will find not only the didactic material assigned by the teacher, but also a series of exercises and supplementary content to carry out and consult independently. 




The Caledonian method

This method has proven to be extremely effective in significantly advancing participants' confidence and ability to speak a new language. Participants experience significant improvements:

Each CC Online Session includes up to:

0 min
min of individual preparation on CC Online Platform
30 min
with the teacher via Teams*
0 min
of individual consolidation exercises on the CConline platform

*lesson duration may vary between 30 and 90 minutes depending on the type of course.

How to know which level to start from?

All our courses are studied and designed on a tailor-made basis, after a careful analysis of the participant's needs carried out in two phases, each dedicated to one aspect of language knowledge. The first phase analyses the initial level of language proficiency, while the second phase investigates the linguistic and training needs for a targeted design of the training program.

Online Test

This test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions and is used to assess passive knowledge and reading comprehension. It allows us to get a first impression of the participant's language level.


The second phase consists of an interview of approximately 25-30 minutes with a native speaker who carefully assesses the active knowledge (listening comprehension and speaking) and analyses the participant's needs, goals and interests. It allows us to establish the CEF level and the real linguistic and training needs for a targeted planning of the training program.

Result? A Tailor-Made Course

The results of the two phases allow us to design a truly tailor-made course based on the initial level of knowledge and the training objectives set. We like to think that our courses are like tailoring clothes: the online test allows us to identify the size, but it is the interview that allows us to take the exact measurements and "hem" the course.


At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of participation and attendance, complete with details of the course (type and duration) and the final level achieved.


Financed training is the answer!

Since 1998 we have been helping companies get the necessary financing for training.
Together we follow every step in the procedure; from the analysis of the training needs to the financial reporting to the training fund.