All our programmes are people centred and structured to meet the specific needs of each client. We evaluate and analyse each request as it comes from our clients so as to make sure each proposal is tailor made to their needs.
We use the most up to date technology, giving ample space for the human touch.


Traditional Courses – individuals and groups

Courses for people who use the language in their everyday work situations, take part in meetings and calls, speak at conferences, carry out negotiations and represent their Companies on an international platform. Our trainers are mother tongue professionals with many years of experience.

Topic Based English Conversation Course

Not just an aimless chat, but with a real training path individually designed according to the clients’ interests. The participants receive a specially prepared topic each week which will be the topic of the discussion for the following lesson, thus keeping in line with our high didactic standards.

Group Courses:

2 hour weekly sessions divided into one hour of Business English or ESP, followed by an hour of topic conversation to improve fluency. Normally carried out by two different trainers with different accents to enable exposure to different ways of speaking.

ESP – English for Special Purposes (ESP)

Our ESP courses get people accustomed to using the language in particular work situations, for example: presentations, negotiations, meetings, telephoning and conference calling, or any other particular need that the participant may have. Focus is not only on the language but also on the simulation of the situations. Focus is not only on the language but also on the simulation of the situations.


Our easy-to-use e-learning platform can be used by itself or as part of our virtual training programme.

With over 4,500 activities for all language levels, its strength lies in the fact that we can constantly monitor progress and keep an eye on everything students do.


Caledonian Converse Online is our new Blended method which overcomes all barriers to language learning through the use of avant-garde technology. Caledonian Converse Online’s individually created learning paths unite the flexibility and independence of e-learning with the human touch of your own personal expert trainer.

Caledonian Converse Online

Not your normal e-learning
but a face to face English course
the only difference is that it’s in remote!


Financed training is the answer!

Since 1998 we have been helping companies get the necessary financing for training.
Together we follow every step in the procedure; from the analysis of the training needs to the financial reporting to the training fund.