Specialised Translations

For more than two decades we have been providing top quality professional translations to big multinationals and SMI’s. No job is too big, nor two small in whatever language you require. Our main languages are the European ones (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese), but we also provide translations into Chinese, Japanese, Arab, etc. All our translators are professionals with experience in the sector in question and they always translate into their MOTHERTONGUE. 

We offer various types of translation services:

Specialised Translation

Web sites, legal, balance sheets, engineering, construction, marketing, advertising, HR etc.

Revision and Quality Control

This is carried out by a second MT translator to ensure that the quality of our work meets with Caledonian Standards. This is not an option when the client requires our work to be sworn at court and is also a requirement of THE CALEDONIAN GUARANTEE.

Revision of Client's Work

Done the translation yourself? Want it checked – upload it and we will take care of it for you!

Sworn Translations

Translations of many documents such as balance sheets, company Statutes, insurance claims, personal documents (birth and marriage certificates, driving licences, university degrees) etc., almost always require to be sworn in at court and carry the court stamp. This is a routine job for us.

Court Authenticated
Court authentication (or apostilling) a document certifies both the legal standing of the public official who signed the authenticated document and the authenticity of the signature itself. Court authentication is normally sought in the case of documents issued in Italy so that they may be rendered equally legally valid abroad (and vice-versa).

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