Language Training for the Whole Family

Caledonian offers a wide range of language courses not just for companies, but also for the whole family! Here are some examples:

Individual English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian for Foreigners
All courses are in 30 hour and 60 hour modules and are designed to suit your requirements. You can start whenever you want and do the lessons at whatever time you want – depending, of course, on teacher availability. Lesson times are:
Monday to Thursday: 8.30-20.30
Friday: 8.30-17.30
Saturday: 10.00-13.00

Group Italian Courses
We organise group Italian courses every three months for beginners and pre-intermediate students in classes of minimum 4 and maximum 8 – the average is 4. They are designed to help newcomers to Italy to integrate and make friends and all the basic structures of Italian are covered, as well as conversation. All courses are carried out by qualified mother-tongue teachers.  

English Courses for Children
There is no better way to learn a language than through play and it goes without saying that children learn much faster than adults. Children today are already extremely busy between school and extracurricular activities without going back to school once school is out. So English has to be seen as fun, something they can look forward to. Our teachers are experts at making it fun and the first lesson is completely free! The groups are very small, on average only 4, and take place at 4.30 in the afternoons. They will be starting shortly – call us and have your child do his/her first lesson!

English Courses for Teenagers
Common knowledge has it that it is practically impossible to find a job without a good command of English. Leave it to the experts, we’ve been organising kids’ courses for over 20 years.  Groups are very small, maximum 6 (minimum 3).  Programmes are designed around the interests of today’s teenagers – they learn without even realising!
Courses start end October/early November and last15 weeks. Each lesson is two hours and classes are divided into three levels: A1, A2 and B1.

If your child/teenager is having trouble at school with a particular language at school, we will provide him/her with a fully qualified mother-tongue tutor, who will follow the school syllabus as well as teaching conversation skills.

Caledonian Lunch Club
Have you done lots of English courses but don’t get much time to practise? Don’t have time to do a complete English course? We have the solution for you! Come and have lunch with one of our expert mother-tongue teachers and have a relaxing chat – we’ll even order the lunch for you! It won’t even take up a lot of your time, it’s only once a week for an hour. You’ll even get the chance to meet other people in the same boat and discuss a different topic every week according to what’s happening in the world. The first meeting is free and we’ll be starting very soon – drop by to find out more!

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