Company Language Courses


Standard Business Courses
Based on the communicative approach, all courses use real-life situations and activities which allow clients to become familiar with the foreign language via real communication, right from the very first session. Our Business courses ensure rapid progress thanks to a carefully structured linguistic programme which integrates grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation tasks, together with constant monitoring.  
These courses are geared mainly to professional people with work experience who need to improve their knowledge of the language in a series of business contexts. The main aim of such courses is to develop the client's communication and comprehension skills by participation in discussions on business and management related topics.

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Ad-hoc Language Training
Our specialised courses are aimed at people working in sectors where there is high exposure to foreign languages, professionals who need to attend meetings, speak at conferences, conduct negotiations and represent their company. These courses are aimed to provide a high degree of linguistic autonomy and competence in a specific professional field. This is achieved by the use of practical role-play exercises, such as making presentations and telephone calls, as well as taking part in negotiations and social situations.
Courses can be on an individual or group basis, the duration depends on client requirements and the participants can opt for a normal, semi-intensive or intensive format. All courses are specifically designed according to a careful needs analysis which we carry out before the start; the programme is then sent to the client for approval.

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Linguistic Workshops
All business professionals have one thing in common: they are always under pressure. It is on this principle that we have based our Management Training. All our seminars take a practical approach towards the development of the essential competences which are fundamental for success in an increasingly competitive business world.
Each workshop is developed according to clients’ needs and consists of 4 half days which are dedicated to a particular topic decided by the client, such as Customer Care, Cross Cultural Communication or Conference Calling.