The Caledonian Guarantee

Terms and Conditions of The Caledonian Guarantee

The Caledonian Guarantee for Language Training means that if you are not completely satisfied with your course we will give you your money back providing that:


  • You let us know in writing within 24 hours after your 4th lesson if you are doing a standard course. If you are doing an intensive course (3 or 6 hrs per day) then you must let us know within 24 hours of the end of your first day;
  • You provide a specific valid didactic reason;
  • The course duration is superior to 15 hours;
  • You have not substituted a colleague that already started the course and could not continue;
  • The course was not part of a special trial promotion;
  • The course is paid for in full before it starts.


The Caledonian Guarantee for Translations means that if you are not completely satisfied with the translation you receive we will re-do it free of charge, on condition that:


  • You have accepted our offer of revision by a second mother tongue translator;
  • You inform us in writing within one month of delivery, underlining all parts of the work that are incorrect;
  • No part of the translation has been changed in any way;
  • No modifications to the original document have been carried out;
  • It is not a question of style.


The Caledonian Guarantee for Interpreting means that we will reimburse you the fee paid to the interpreter on condition that:


  • You provided us with appropriate preparatory material at least one week prior to the event;
  • The type of service requested on the day corresponds to that stated on our offer;
  • There is no change in language or duration of the event;
  • At least two interpreters are requested for any event exceeding 2 hours;
  • Precise reasons and examples of errors are provided;
  • Any dissatisfaction is due to the human error on the part of the interpreter and not due to the malfunction of audio equipment or disturbance to the interpreter of any nature – e.g. persons entering the cabin whilst the interpreter/s is/are trying to perform their work;
  • Appropriate time is given by the speakers for the interpreters to perform the translation and the speech is clear enough for them to hear and  understand.