About Us

Founder and Managing Director - maria@caledonian.it

Hi there! I founded this company way back in 1991 and I must say we’ve come a long way since then, although one thing has not changed and never will do – the client always comes first! No job is ever too big or too small, we will always be there, by your side!

The main change I’ve seen in the last 20 years is of course the progress in technology and we have always made huge investments in order to be constantly ahead of the times – we were the first LSP in Italy to have a web site! However technology will never take the place of human relationships, at Caledonian you will never be just a number or an email address – hence you’ll see me at your door at least twice a year or whenever you have a matter you need solved. This of course means that I am often out of the office, but thank goodness we have a fabulous group of people in the office to meet your every need. So whether it be a language course or a translation or an interpreter you require, you will soon be put through to the person who deals with that particular area.

Director and Office Manager - vernie@caledonian.it

Hi there! I have been in Caledonian since 1999 and became a Director of the company in 2004. I am an engineer and in my previous life I managed over a hundred other engineers, so I know all about people management. I manage the Caledonian office from all points of view, from personnel to IT, office supplies, equipment and maintenance. Since we also specialise in highly technical translations, my engineering background means that I’m the one who selects the translators for a specific job but when it’s been done that’s not enough for us. I personally go through it with a fine tooth comb and check every word! That’s Caledonian quality! So if you are looking for a job in Caledonian or need a technical translation, I’m the one to contact.


Project Manager for Language Training - daniela@caledonian.it

Hello! Do you need to learn a particular language but don’t know which type of course would suit you? I am here to help!

Project Manager for Translations and Interpreting segreteria@caledonian.it

Do you need a translator or an interpreter? Give me a call, I’ll be only too pleased to help you!